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Anmol Ratan Sachdeva
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From: Client X (Who Came to You Begging to Take Up the Job After Seeing Your Social Media Posts)
Subject: You’re over-hyped and not worthy of serious work!

“Did you even read before you sent me the draft? It’s nothing close to what I had in mind when I hired…

Stop crying in the middle of a ‘Freelance Famine’

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Another fruitful month came to an end and I was busy invoicing my clients for the ‘help’ I extended. But this time, there was something amiss.

It was as if I had a sudden premonition that this will be the last…

You shouldn’t part ways just because they aren’t ready to pay your price.

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“I like your work. I like your approach, but I won’t be able to pay what you quoted.”

Any other day, I would wish him best and bid him goodbye, never to think about him again. …

You’ve been following orders your whole life. Stop it now.

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“Wake up! It’s already 10:00 am.”

“If I had to wake up at 7 every day, why would I leave my job,” I smirked while trying to come out of my slumber.

No offense to the morning people, but I have never been one. It’s not that I didn’t try…

Freelancing needs much more than your laptop and the internet

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Freelancing is fun, right?

My friends often comment this when I meet them. In fact, that’s the first thought about freelancing — you can work from anywhere, anytime without any worry. But don’t you feel there’s a catch?

It’s true, we have the liberty to work from anywhere, but let’s…

You can’t just keep flaunting your past experience, every time. And shouting out loud won’t work, either.

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Waking up to an inbound lead is a bliss for every independent consultant or freelancer. You would agree, right?

But, attracting attention is just a battle half won. …

When everyone’s a ‘Guru’, you need to start looking the other way.

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If there’s one industry that grew throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unquestioningly the EdTech space.

Everyone is savoring this ‘new normal’ like hot pancakes. …

Everyone tells you to be active online. But is it really worth it?

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Imagine a world without social media. Would it impact you professionally?

For a freelancer in 2020, social media is like the centerpiece of the growth story.

Take the case of Namit. He switched to freelancing after a…

For me, adapting to the ‘new normal’ wasn’t that hard.

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I was on a flight in the last week of February 2020. It was a short flight, long before India went into the lockdown. But little did I know that it would be one of my last flights in a long time.

We all have been caught by surprise by…

Reddit never appealed me as a marketer in the past. But then, all the hell broke lose.

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A couple of weeks back, I received an email notification- that I have completed six years on Reddit.

You might be wondering, “Woah! That’s quite sometime. You must be raking in millions of ‘Karma’ points!”

But the real scenario was quite the opposite. I just had ‘1 karma’.

For the…

Anmol Ratan Sachdeva

Marketer. Writer. Branding Enthusiast. Someone who likes sharing knowledge backed by personal experience.

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