Why You Need to Stop Questioning Your Worth [Based on Shitty Client Feedback]

Anmol Ratan Sachdeva
5 min readJun 9, 2021
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From: Client X (Who Came to You Begging to Take Up the Job After Seeing Your Social Media Posts)
Subject: You’re over-hyped and not worthy of serious work!

“Did you even read before you sent me the draft? It’s nothing close to what I had in mind when I hired you in the first place. You not only wasted my time but your own, too. You’re not worthy enough to be given any project in the future .”

How will you feel if you wake up to this email in your inbox?

Not happy, for sure. Especially, when the client ignored your repeated requests for giving clear briefs and directions.

In the end, you’re the one at fault.

All these years of hard work, questioned by a young client, who didn’t even bother to discuss anything before bashing you out over an email.

That’s like the ‘everyday tale’ for a freelancer. No matter how ‘big’ you get, there will always be one client (or a critic) who won’t like you. Or even if the client loves you, he’d make you follow-up numerous times before clearing your dues.

Naturally, you don’t feel you’ve done enough — else he/she would be quick to reciprocate the value you delivered.

But do you know something? It’s completely fine if some clients don’t realize your worth.


You’re a human — and humans don’t have a magic pill to make things work. Sometimes, things just don’t work out, despite the best effort.

When you’re a freelancer, you’ve got a lot of pressure on your mind to perform well, every single time. I get it!

If clients won’t like you, they won’t give you work and if work doesn’t flow, how will you pay your bills?

Let’s take a step back, first.

Did you forget why you left your corporate job in the first place? Because the work culture made you feel miserable and you weren’t appreciated enough!

Your life is not about making others happy. It’s more about feeling happy doing what you love, first of all.

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