Your Mental State is a Game of Seesaw Afterall

Anmol Ratan Sachdeva
5 min readApr 28, 2022

Sometimes, you’re clear. Sometimes, not so much. And it’s okay!

Photo by Chun Kit Soo on Unsplash

Earlier yesterday, I scribbled a tweet out of the blue.

And I realised how much I have come to believe in the theory.

I write less nowadays, some months lesser than others.

But the lesser I write, the better I am getting inside my head — I now quickly discover opportunities, build a plan, and start executing things. I am yet to get the results, but I am sure they’d be great too.

I changed my approach to life and worked in September 2021 to pursue clarity.

But why?? Sab sahi to chal raha hai! Everyone said.

Because I was sick of chasing my dreams (yes, that happens). And honestly, the industry doesn’t look appealing anymore. (I am tired of seeing vanity metrics and fluff all around the internet).

I didn’t sign up for all this when I first started. Instead, I just wanted to write. But we all know writing for self barely pays for anything without some groundwork.

An important note here: I worked towards building financial security before I took this step. I am not insane, exactly.

Anyway, I finally am at peace with what I am doing currently, and I can say I am clearer than ever in my life.

I am slowly building an ecosystem of tools, resources, and solutions I wish to work on for life. (Curious about my projects. Check here)

During this time of turmoil, I realised that I was suffering from the curse of knowledge.

Maybe, this is the reason I was rarely satisfied with anything I was doing. Because anything I did, I always looked at the problems & solutions from a mountain top. (Maybe, that’s why I have trouble staying interested in long conversations).

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