Why You Need to Stop Questioning Your Worth [Based on Shitty Client Feedback]

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
  • Your first step should be to ask questions from the client on the feedback. If he doesn’t bother to explain (or articulate the problems), don’t try to reason (or educate) aimlessly because the client isn’t prepared to listen. Cut your losses, apologise and protect yourself from hours of trouble. Learn to value your time.
  • If something didn’t work out, maybe you’re not fit for the task. Learn the art of acceptance and move on to your next masterpiece in waiting. No point in wailing things that weren’t meant to be.

Three Ways to Feel Worthy as a Freelancer

  1. Work on a Side Project, ALWAYS

Final Words

Yes, we all love freelancing! But it can get pretty overwhelming, too.

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