Why Redditors Won’t Accept You (And How to Use Reddit to Avail Better Opportunities)

Reddit never appealed me as a marketer in the past. But then, all the hell broke lose.

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash
Source: Reddit Thread on r/Marketing

A Bit of Background

I have heard about Reddit from many bloggers who claim they get crazy traffic by just posting links on Reddit.

My Journey Started by Getting Trolled

I got crazy after a couple of fellow Redditors trolled me for my posts in r/freelance & r/business subreddits.

My #1 Mistake: Asking for Something without Giving Anything in Return

If you check communities on Reddit (subreddits) many have an explicit rule that say “Please engage in comments for a few weeks before submitting anything or posting anything on the subreddit.”

The Most Important Lesson: Earn Your Worth

Ask for everyone to engage with others — share what they know and let their karma grow.

In Hindu philosophy, there is a quote,
Karma kiye ja fal ki chinta mat kar.

(Keep doing your deed without worrying about the returns)

Looks like Reddit is the place where they took it so seriously.

Other Lessons I Learned

I have been contributing to the online community for a while now through my LinkedIn posts. So, I naturally felt I am entitled for something.

Where Do I Stand Now?

Well, after six years of being a Redditor (of which 5 years 11 months I was MIA), all I can say is that Reddit is not different, it just needs to be handled with a different approach:

Source: Self Created Graphic via Crello
  • Connected a friend who runs a podcast to a european eCommerce giant for an interview
  • Multiple pro-bono consulting offers (with options to convert into paid gigs)
  • 316+ Karma and still counting
  • A realistic perspective on how to market while being anonymous (without using your past credentials)

Marketer. Writer. Branding Enthusiast. Someone who likes sharing knowledge backed by personal experience.

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