The One Reason I don’t Recommend Anyone Signing Up for Paid Coaching or Webinars

Anmol Ratan Sachdeva
6 min readSep 18, 2020

When everyone’s a ‘Guru’, you need to start looking the other way.

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If there’s one industry that grew throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unquestioningly the EdTech space.

Everyone is savoring this ‘new normal’ like hot pancakes. Webinars, MOOC platforms, online masterclasses, workshops, there seems to be like a buffet of learning being served on a platter these days.

I have been fascinated by online courses since 2014. I still remember my first online course on Coursera about Content Strategy. It was from a foreign university.

Living in a country where professional and vocational education is hard to come by, the concept seemed revolutionary back then.

If you’re part of professional forums particularly, you might have seen an influx of paid and unpaid webinars since the early March, especially after the lockdown.

Parents are hailing this new phenomenon. Students have mixed opinions. But for general public, this is a chance at upskilling. But is it really?

The Joke about Expertise

Knowledge, knowledge everywhere, not enough time to blink.

When you see skills being taught for peanuts around, it’s time to start being cautious.

The reality is, not everyone is a real teacher.

In fact, they are just sharing their experience, nothing else. They might not be in this to ‘spill the beans’, share a ‘secret strategy to growth’ or to ‘help you be a better you’

There is more to the whole scenario than what meets the eye.

Everyone’s Not Out There to Help You Grow

Coursera, Udemy, edX, Harvard Online, and more…

We had so much to learn, still we ended up being in the same place. The lockdown gave everyone much-needed time to upskill ourselves.

Many of us even signed up for the courses, paid…



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