How to Write a Case Study as a Freelancer?

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Decrypting a case study

Well, let’s get some basic concepts straight. Case studies can be detailed, case studies can be short. As long as you portray your contribution and its impact in any form, it can be said to be a case study.

Structure of a case study

You would ask, isn’t it wrong to share the details when there is an NDA in place?

  • Enlist the challenges (technical, fundamental, marketing-related or others) faced during the engagement journey
  • Documenting the solution (what you did to tackle the challenge and address the requirement)
  • Recording the results or benefits (what client achieved because of our efforts)
  • Project overview or introduction
  • Challenges tackled
  • Solution delivered
  • Results achieved

Getting hold of the actual results

You would ask how to gather the results? Right? Because mostly clients don’t share the end results, or we don’t have access. In that case, you can directly talk with your client (this goes without saying you need to have a good rapport)

Points to keep in mind

Again, I would say, always address client’s privacy concerns and take written consent to use the project as case study.

  • Brainstormed with the internal teams and finalized the best topics for the month
  • Made the content development process consistent (this is one of the biggest challenges for any marketer/business)

Focus on value addition

Learn to document your journey and top it up with client’s testimonials, appreciation mails/texts or any proof of concept you may get hold of. I believe that if you really add value, clients don’t mind you using their project as a case study.

Wrapping up

I would say writing a case study isn’t much of a task but building rapport and documenting the value you deliver is the hardest part.



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