5 Essentials to Put Your House in Order Before Jumping to Freelance

Freelancing needs much more than your laptop and the internet

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Have a Cloud Storage System

If there is one thing you’ll despise about freelancing, it is managing documents, inputs and project files you’ll gather over the years. After a point, you’ll even lose count.

What You Can Do?

Google Drive would be good for starters but can also think of something that offers flexible plans, as you grow. You can start by having a common OneDrive or Google Drive folder. Here is a simple way to manage your files:

  • Segment again in sub-folders based on the month
  • Start creating a unique sub-folder for every client within the month’s folder
  • Create multiple folders based on inputs, edits and the final deliverable

Start Using eSign Systems & Contracts

I have seen many freelancers skipping this important part just because they feel it’s too technical. Others don’t want to pay for an eSign solution. Hell, some even use the old ‘Print-Sign -Scan’ system even in 2020.

What You Can Use?

If you don’t want to pay for a tool that seems ‘not-so-important’ because you have a ‘thing’ with your client, you should still start creating and sending contracts through eversign. It free for up to five documents per month.

Have an Invoicing Software On Your Side

Two down, now another interesting part- how to invoice your client, or send an estimate. Some freelancers use MS-Excel templates for this but I have a better way, which is again free.

What You Can Use?

If you haven’t been using WaveApps, you’re missing out on something big. WaveApps is a free solution for SMEs and freelancers that take care of invoicing and bookkeeping.

Streamline with Project Management Boards

The other day, someone asked me how I manage so many client emails. I simply said, “I don’t.” He was surprised.

What Should You Use?

I have been using Trello since 2016 and it has only improved over all these years. What started as a love for organized workflow soon gave way for better coordination between me, the client’s point of contact, and the decision-makers.

Have a CRM System in Place

“I don’t need a CRM. I am no corporate and frankly I don’t get so many leads, too.” — A fellow freelancer.

What You Can Use?

HubSpot CRM is a free-to-use tool for this. You can connect it to your mailbox, website and social channels to keep everything at a single place.

‘Free’ Freelancing Stack Anyone Can Use- Infographic

Source: Designed on Crello by Anmol Ratan Sachdeva
  1. eSign System — Eversign
  2. Contract Templates- Docracy
  3. Invoicing & Bookkeeping Tool — WaveApps
  4. Invoicing & International Payment Solution: Referens
  5. Project & Workflow Management — Trello
  6. Lead/Client Relationship Management: Hubspot CRM
  7. Workflow Automation: Zapier
  8. Free Trello Board Template for Ghostwriting Project Management
  9. Free Trello Board for Freelance Project Management (Thanks Abhijeet Kumar)
  10. Free Public Board for Marketing, Content & Writing Resources (Thanks Abhijeet Kumar)
  11. All in One Freelance Workflow Management Tool (Paid): Bonsai

It’s All Basic But it Works

I know there are several freelance management SaaS platforms that can do all this and more in a single bundle like Bonsai. Bonsai is actually a powerful platform for managing your freelancing journey. But the thing is, not everyone is ready to commit to a monthly or annual fee. This doesn’t mean they can’t get organized.

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